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To whom it may concern:

I had the pleasure of working with Jack Johnston MA when he was retained to analyze certain recorded statements involving a multiple-defendant rape case I was working on.


Mr. Johnston employed his Subliminal Speech AnalysisTM on numerous recordings, and as a result, he was able to give me several insights into the hidden meanings behind some of the statements. I ended up using several of Mr. Johnston's suggestions in my summation at trial, which ended successfully.


One particular area of Mr. Johnston's analysis turned out to be remarkable. In his analysis of the alleged victim's statement, Mr. Johnston told me that the alleged victim had been having sexual relations with someone besides her boyfriend or the alleged rapists.


Later, during the course of discovery, the State Police Lab determined that her clothing contained DNA evidence from two unidentified males, and the alleged rapists were excluded as donors. That DNA finding confirmed Mr. Johnston's earlier conclusion.


I would definitely recommend Mr. Johnston's services to anyone who is looking for insight into a recorded statement.


Doug E.

  Attorney at Law


  Director of a Public Defenders Non-Profit Corporation

  funded by the U.S. State of its domicile

Criminal Defence

Assisting attorneys and investigators by providing exceptional case insights and often otherwise inaccessible leads to admissible evidence, as well as specific motives, details, and even actual names of heretofore unidentified persons of interest.


Assistance in personnel vetting, strategic planning, contract negotiation, and validation of intention and veracity while including otherwise inaccessible details. Aids in identifying counterparty intentions - and may include overtly unarticulated  agenda points and other specific details.



Extracts direct communication from the speaker's subconscious to reveal otherwise inaccessible information, e.g., solutions to consciously intractable conflicts, and timely alerts of nascent conditions as yet remaining outside of conscious awareness - allowing more time for solutions, etc.


Defense Attorneys

Private Investigators

Corporate Management

Psychology Professionals


Private Individuals





Provides early warnings

Specifically names undisclosed parties

Extracts subconscious motives

Aids strategic decision making

Assists in vetting

Identifies productive research paths


Jack Johnston MA Psychology

Subliminal Speech Analysis


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 Providing otherwise inaccessible intelligence and leads to admissible evidence - including but not limited to specific details and names, insights, trends, and caveats - from any speaker's legally-obtained recorded voice.


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